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The Hero's Journey

Embark on the path to writing your own story.

**We still have a couple spots available for “The Hero’s Journey Fall 2024” for anyone ready to dive in starting in July! Apply now before we get underway!**


Are you ready to write the book you’ve been dreaming of, but seek companionship and support along the way? Prepare to join a select, supportive group of writers undertaking an epic adventure in a six-month writing workshop. No prior experience is required. All forms of writing are welcome from fiction to nonfiction, epic fantasies to books of poetry, memoirs to short story collections and beyond. If you have dreamt it, we can create it.


Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and acumen you need to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry with purpose. Unlock a wealth of resources and tools curated to support your journey from aspiring writer to published author. This workshop offers a comprehensive roadmap to guide you through every stage of the writing process from the initial spark, writing the draft, editing, and education on the landscape of publishing. We’ll explore the depths of character development, dissect dialogue, and navigate the twists and turns of plot construction.


Ready to answer the call to adventure and embark on your own hero's journey? Join our tight-knit community of fellow author-adventurers, where friendship and encouragement flourish, and uncover the hidden treasures of your signature storytelling voice. Reserve your place today at a discounted rate (first come first serve) for “The Hero’s Journey 2025.”


Questions about The Hero’s Journey program? Please reach out to us at

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