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Available Services

Developmental Editing & Coaching

Allison has served as a developmental editor and writing coach for projects including short-form and long-form works. She enjoys diving into full fiction manuscripts, poetry collections, and nonfiction works (both in the form of personal essay or full manuscript). Her clients have gone on to publish their works through traditional publishing houses as well as independent presses and through myriad anthology opportunities.


One-on-one coaching 


Whether working with industry professionals, graduate students, or high schoolers, Allison is passionate about inspiring others to develop their writing skills and tap into their creativity. With her gentle guidance and expertise, Allison encourages individuals to develop their own unique voice, writing style, and storytelling abilities both in and out of the classroom.

Group Workshops

Group workshops provide a sense of community and belonging for participants. They allow individuals to network, share resources, and form relationships with like-minded individuals while nurturing their own writing projects. By facilitating a supportive and inclusive learning environment, Allison helps build a sense of connection and foster long-lasting relationships among your participants.

Group coaching


Allison serves as a speaker and workshop leader for businesses, organizations, schools, and other creative outlets. Her talks are interactive, positive, and generative. Tailoring content to each individual group's needs, Allison thrives in creating a collaborative forum for all attendees--both in-person and virtual. Previous speaking engagements include her TEDx talk at Xavier University, keynote speeches, and generative workshops with an emphasis on authenticity.

Writing Retreats

Writing retreats offer a unique opportunity to disconnect from distractions and immerse yourself in your writing. By removing yourself from your daily routine and surrounding yourself with other writers, you can find renewed inspiration and motivation for your work. Retreats provide access to valuable resources and feedback from experienced writing professionals. Whether seeking advice on craft, publishing, or marketing, writing retreats offer personalized guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Book Collaboration & Ghostwriting

Allison has written, edited, ghost written, coauthored, and consulted on more than two dozen books already published or currently in the process of being published. She enjoys working with writers who have a vision for their project and want to collaborate on how to best execute their ideas.


Allison Baggott-Rowe

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