The Person Holding the Pen

Allison is an award-winning author currently pursuing higher education in Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard University.  She is a graduate of Xavier University with her M.A. in Psychology where she focused her research on mindfulness and strengths-based goal setting. Today she works full-time as an author, content creator, and public speaker when she is not actively teaching creative writing. She is passionate about working with young people to foster creativity and delivered a TEDx talk about resiliency at her former alma mater.  

The recipient of both the Swarthmore Book Award and Alkire Distinguished Researcher Award, Allison is highly motivated to preserve and improve the world through innovative and collaborative writing projects. She is a skilled communicator and social justice advocate who enjoys using humor in her public speaking as well as in local initiatives.

Additionally, Allison has a wealth of unique experiences such as performing in Seattle with Cirque du Soleil, earning state awards for outstanding creative writing, and receiving national medals for excellence in Irish Music performance and chess.  Please reach out directly if you would like to learn more about her work or her innovative approach to writing.