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In the Deep Midwinter

Happy New Year! I hope that your holiday season was full of the people, traditions, and best wishes of the season. For many, the winter can be a time when creativity is at an ebb, writer's block runs rampant, and all of our resolutions for the new year can feel just a tad overwhelming. Friends in my circle are exchanging new years vows, some dedicating more disciplined time to sit down and write while others are choosing a number of books they would like to read month to month. So many ways to celebrate the cycle of creation.

As a new year begins to unfold in front of us, I am choosing to take the opportunity this year to unwrap the beginning of this year like the last, precious present under the tree. Slowly peeling back the tissue paper and running my fingers under a seal of tape on the delicate paper. I am waiting for January to reveal itself without shaking the box or trying to guess the contents, but just savoring the experience of opening to all the possibilities wrapped inside.

I hope that wherever you are in your creative process this season, there is space for you to find slow moments to cherish in between the other tasks demanding attention. Although it is not sticking yet snow is drifting down outside the window and a cup of caramel coffee is calling my name. Happy writing (and reading), dear friends!

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