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This newest anthology centers around the raw, vulnerable journeys of life focusing on how to find hope through grief and mental health challenges. Containing amusing anecdotes and wise words from more then twenty authors, You Can, You Will is sure to make you laugh and cry through frequent re-reads. Purchase your signed copy today!



**Don't Delay! First 20 copies come with a half-hour writing consultation with Allison. Please e-mail proof of receipt to to set up your coaching session.**

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Lindsay Mitchell, Senior Editor, 
Harvard Magazine

In “What Remains,” Baggott-Rowe has written a wonderfully empathetic story that offers a vivid picture of a dysfunctional family and the flawed man at the center of that dysfunction.

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Lesley Bannatyne,
Historian and Author

Baggott-Rowe crafts a bittersweet and nakedly human story that imagines the journey from the world of the living — all its beauty and torment, guilt and comfort — to the world of the dead. What do you wish you’d done? What’s left to do?

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Elisabeth McKetta, Writer & Professor Oxford University and Harvard Extension School

Baggott-Rowe’s language brings WORLD to life through descriptions that are rooted in feelings we experience through her deft application to time and place. Absolutely masterful! 

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