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Anthology on Women's Resilience

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Lindsay Mitchell, Senior Editor, 
Harvard Magazine

In “What Remains,” Baggott-Rowe has written a wonderfully empathetic story that offers a vivid picture of a dysfunctional family and the flawed man at the center of that dysfunction.

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Lesley Bannatyne,
Historian and Author

Baggott-Rowe crafts a bittersweet and nakedly human story that imagines the journey from the world of the living — all its beauty and torment, guilt and comfort — to the world of the dead. What do you wish you’d done? What’s left to do?

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Elisabeth McKetta, Writer & Professor Oxford University and Harvard Extension School

Baggott-Rowe’s language brings WORLD to life through descriptions that are rooted in feelings we experience through her deft application to time and place. Absolutely masterful! 

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